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Welfare system

Five-day Work Week

Allowances are paid for holidays

Paid vacation

Paid vacation leave promotion system

Four Major Insurance Programs

National Pension, Health Insurance,
Employment Insurance, Worker's Compensation Insurance

Internal club

Various and enjoyable company clubs

Health Check-ups

Health check-ups once a year

Graduation and Admission Gifts

Gifts for graduation and admission

Dormitory Provied

Don't worry if the company is far away

Birthday Gift

Cake or Gift Certificate

Holiday gift

New Year's Day and Chuseok Gifts

Department dinner fee support

Feel free to support the department dinner

Holiday labor allowance

Allowance paid if you worked during the holidays

Gifts fot anniversary of foundation

Share the joy of the company

Corporate proxy operating expenses support

At the event of all executives and employees

Congratulations and Condolences

Support for vacation and condolence expenses by situation

Late night meals

Late-night meals provided for night shift

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