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CEO Greetings

CEO Message

We have to have a big dream for the wider world.
We want to be a contributor to the development of cultural civilization in the new world.
We'll have to put up with a lot of difficulties and falling difficulties.
There's no success in the world without difficulty,
Because there is no competition without competition.

I think the most important thing for our growth is to have faith and be together.
It's because they give each other strength and make up for the shortcomings.
We believe that that is the best way to reach our targets.
I want to consider faith as the best value and grow together.

Thank you.

CEO Se-Hwan Hyun


Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

  • 1. We provide helpful technologies and services to the world so that mankind can enjoy a prosperous life.
  • 2. It develops its business through valuable technology development and makes its name known to the world.
  • 3. All our activities promote and consolidate community interests.


In the eyes of the user, the finished product is delivered on time and customer satisfaction is maximized.

Uniq Technos Co.Ltd.Company Registration Number : 632-87-00263CEO : Sehwan Hyeon
94-9, Yulgeum 1-gil, Seonghwan-eup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-doTel : 070-8765-0020Fax : 041-909-2211

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